Publishing Agreement

Once an article is accepted by the editorial office, the publisher signs an agreement with the autor under which the royalty free licence is granted with regard to the work, allowing further sub-licences under the CC-BY-SA. This means that the work can be used by other scholars only when they provide information about the author of publication and distribute contributions under the same licence as the original.
More information about CC-BY-SA licence
Author’s agreement template

Archiving articles policy

Szczecin University Press allows authors to archive their articles in preprint, postprint and the final pdf version.
The final version is also available without grace period in Open Access on


In concern of high quality of published texts, editors are obliged to comply with a set of ethical principles and follow procedures recommended by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
The procedures recommended by COPE concern the following cases: suspicion of redundant publication; suspicion of plagiarism; suspicion of fabricated data; request for addition/removal of an extra author; suspicion of ghost, guest or gift authorship; when a reviewer suspects undisclosed conflict of interest in a submitted manuscript; when a reader suspects undisclosed conflict of interest in a published article; when an editor suspects an ethical problem with the submitted manuscript; and when an editor suspects that the reviewer has appropriated the author’s ideas or data.
Procedures recommended by COPE